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Peregian Beach Photographs

Peregian Beach | Peregian Park | Peregian Village

These pages contain a number of digital photographs taken early September, 2001, around the shopping village at Peregian Beach. I have optimised them for use on webpages. Some loss of quality will be seen in some of the images, due to the compression used to reduce file sizes. If higher quality images are required, email me (see below).

To copy any of these images to your hard disk: right-click on the image, left-click "Save Picture As" in the context menu, and choose a location on your hard disk where you will be able to find the image later. You may want to make a note of the image names, and the location you saved them to on your hard disk, for later reference.


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Peregian Beach | Peregian Park | Peregian Village